What is YOGA BRA?

YOGA BRA is a kind of SPORTS BRA that provides additional support to female breasts during physical exercise.

Why women need it?

Sturdier than typical bras, they minimize breast movement, alleviate discomfort, and reduce potential damage to chest ligaments. Many women wear sports bras to reduce pain, and physical discomfort caused by breast movement during exercise. Some sports bras are designed to be worn as outerwear during exercise such as jogging. Larger breasted women may be prevented from taking part in sports or exercise when their breasts move excessively.

Who is OTSS Underwear Co., LTD?

OTSS Underwear Co.,Ltd is an Sports Underwear Supplier specialized in manufacturing, marketing and R&D of underwear for adult’s,such as YOGA BRA, LEGGING, CAPRI, SEXY BRA etc. Our business principle is better service, better price, better quality and ontime delivery. Our Vision is to be the best supplier for each of our client.

Why OTSS Helps?


Always have trouble in communicating with your suppliers? Don’t worry any more, our professional sellers are helpful. Just feel free to say and write in your way when work with OTSS, and we will always be there to serve when you need.


OTSS provide quality goods with environmental-friendly materials. We respect related laws and regulations everywhere, so you will not meet this kind of problems during importing OTSS goods.


We totally understand that the market is full of competitions. Don’t worry, OTSS promise you the quality goods will be with competitive price so you can win in your market.


We understand how important it is to provide the goods on time, we will update the schedule to you so you can learn about the time line all the time.


We know that issue happens all the time, but OTSS considered 100% satisfaction as our target. You will feel the positive attitude when working with us, and feel we’re responsible all the time.


The minimum order quantity is always too big for your own design. Don’t worry, with OTSS you can work it out. We accept small orders and we believe both of us will grow up with them.